Fortnite: A Leak Reveals Revolver, Heavy Drum Rifle and World Cup Skins


Yesterday was a very interesting day for all Fortnite Battle Royale fans, who not only witnessed the publication of a new update but also a significant amount of leaks.

Among these, we cannot fail to mention the exclusive set dedicated to Fortnite World Cup. Let’s talk about a series of purple costumes, hang gliders and pickaxes that should arrive over the next few weeks. It is not clear if they will be part of a package or if we can buy them regularly in the item shop. There are also references to two brand new weapons that could make their debut in Epic Games battle royale with one of the future updates. We are talking about a revolver and a drum-heavy gun, in theory, a shotgun capable of quickly firing shots into its own magazine. Added to these is a new Balestra, type of weapon already seen in recent seasons.

We also remind you that the Singularity is the secret skin of Season 9 and has officially been announced with yesterday’s Fortnite update. Another leak has instead revealed the complete image of the Fortbytes, which shows in its entirety what Jonesy is drawing of the future on the wall.