Fortnite: A Leak Reveals the Challenges of Week 7 and the Rewards of “14 Days of Summer”

Fortnite A Leak Reveals the Challenges of Week 7 and the Rewards of 14 Days of Summer

It seems that the Fortnite Battaglia Reale leaks do not want to stop since the dataminer are continuing to find references to the next contents between the files of the last update.

Among the contents published on Twitter by dataminer, we find the challenges and rewards of what should be the upcoming summer event, entitled “14 Days of Summer”. The series of simple objectives to complete will allow you to unlock a flood of emotes, a bizarre collection tool, a cover for weapons and vehicles and much more.

As for the challenges of Week 7 of Season 9, this is the complete list:

  • Search for 7 treasure chests at Crossroads of the Junk or Neo-inclined
  • Search for 7 ammunition containers in named locations
  • 3 eliminations with silenced weapons
  • Inflict 200 damage to enemies with a vehicle
  • Step 1: visit the Neighborhood and Sacking Shores in a single game
    • Step 2: visit Lethal Lands and Neoinclinate in a single game
    • Step 3: visit Snob Beaches and Mega Mall in a single game
  • Look for a chest, a distributor and a bonfire in a single game
  • 3 eliminations from a maximum of 5 meters away

We remind you that in another leak this morning the Fortnite loading screens arriving in the coming weeks have been published. Have you already seen Fortnite’s Singularity costume, which can be unlocked by collecting 90 Fortbytes?