Fortnite: The Timer for the Monster Event and the Skins of the Shadow Legends Pack Are Revealed


The flow of leaks concerning Fortnite Battaglia Reale still does not want to stop and the dataminer accounts continue to publish new information on upcoming content.

One of these is related to the mysterious creature of Polar Peak, which continues to move between the areas of the map and to destroy some buildings with its huge paws. At the moment pieces of Snob Beaches and Parco Pacifico have been destroyed and the next move, according to the users’ findings, could interest Sponde del Sacaggio. The movements of the monster should culminate with a real event, even if it is not yet clear when we should expect its activation. What we do know for sure, however, is that a timer will appear in the game which will inform us of how many days, hours and minutes are left until the monster appears. It is not inconceivable that the creature decides to be seen only at the end of the season, thus representing the element of passage to Season 10. In all probability, in fact, all the structures destroyed by the monster will be replaced with something new in the next Fortnite season.

In the image at the bottom of the news, you can instead see the contents of the much-rumored Shadow Legends Pack, which will contain the alternative versions of 3 skins already seen, as many decorative backs and a special cover for weapons and vehicles. The release date of the package is unknown and we will have to wait a few more days before it officially arrives in the game store.