Kingdom Hearts 3, Nomura Unveils New Details on the Re: Mind Expansion

Kingdom Hearts 3, Nomura Unveils New Details on the Re: Mind Expansion

After revealing new details about Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Tetsuya Nomura takes advantage of the interview granted to him by Famitsu to illustrate some of the contents that will paint the narrative and playful picture of Re: Mind, the new expansion of Kingdom Hearts 3.

Before going into the merits of the news that awaits us with the new DLC, Nomura clarifies that the video admired at the E3 2019 conference at Square Enix did not show combat scenes from the new episode Limit Cut but that it was composed mainly of clips of gameplay related to the additional scenario.

Having said this, the Japanese author explains that the Bosses featured in the Limit Cut episode and, more generally, in the entire expansion will be as many as those addressed in Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix. Furthermore, inside Re: Mind, there will be episodes and secret bosses linked to an additional scenario.

This scenario, being independent of the main story of the DLC, can be tackled even after completing the plot by choosing to play as Roxas, in a way not too dissimilar from what was experienced with Riku and Aqua. In conjunction with the launch of Re: Mind, Square Enix then plans to launch a free DLC that will allow Sora’s emulators to use the Oathkeeper Keyblade.

Also based on information shared by Nomura, the release of this expansion should take place before the sale of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, scheduled for March 3, 2020.