A Bloodstained Bug: Ritual of the Night Blocks Progress. Here’s How to Avoid It

A Bloodstained Bug Ritual of the Night Blocks Progress

When there are only a few days to the launch of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night on Nintendo Switch, the game has already been released on other platforms, and it seems that a problem has been discovered that is not easy, fortunately easily solved.

It seems that there is a bug that, if not properly avoided, can block the progress of the game. This was explained by the official Facebook page of the game with a post.

In practice, it is advisable to play the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions (and when it comes out, even at Nintendo Switch) of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, only after downloading the 1.02 update of the game. In fact, the update corrects an error, which did not show caskets containing objects essential to the continuation of the game.

In short, without these objects, you can’t go on, and the only way to resume the game is to start over from scratch. However, the new patch should solve the problem, so if you have a copy of the game, make sure you download it before starting your game.

As for the Nintendo Switch version, it will be necessary to download the 1.02 patch for all owners of the game on the physical cartridge. If you bought the digital copy, you should download it automatically, so you should have no problems.