Apex Legends 2 Is Not Part of Respawn Entertainment’s Plans

Apex Legends 2

Speaking to USGamer, Drew McCoy, executive producer of Apex Legends, discussed the possibility of making a follow-up to Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment’s Battle Royale in the future.

Embodying in every respect a Game as a Service, it is natural that Apex Legends wants to become a long-lived product, able to stay on the crest of the wave for several more years. For this reason, Respawn is not planning in any way the realization of a sequel of the shooter but, on the contrary, is committed to constantly devise ways to enrich, innovate and improve the playful experience of Apex Legends, allowing players patience:

“Most people don’t realize how much it takes to create anything, and so a character also needs a year and a half to be made. So we’ve tested Wattson since last year, but we have so much in the roadmap that people often tell us: “What will you do for this or that thing?” At this moment we are thinking ahead years in advance.

We will never do Apex 2; we hope the 72nd season is great. This is more or less what we are thinking about: the way we carry on in the long term”.

Apex Legends is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in free-to-play format. Speaking of updates and news, the Respawn Battle Royale recently welcomed the Dragons ‘ arrival. Instead, the developers gave up adding Titans to the game.