For Watch Dogs Legion, Ubisoft Wants Players to “Think Differently”

For Watch Dogs Legion, Ubisoft Wants Players to

One of the most enjoyable surprises of E3 2019 was Watch Dogs Legion, the new title of the Ubisoft saga, which judging from the videos shown seems to promise really well. In the last few hours information has arrived about the political messages we will see in the game.

Watch Dogs Legion is in fact set in a futuristic and post-Brexit London, so it is inevitable that some references to the current political situation will be made. The creative director Clint Hocking talked about it, who said that Legion certainly has a message, even if the game will be in line with Ubisoft’s policy, so in the end, the players will be able to get their own personal idea of ​​the situation.

“I believe that in every country in the world there are people who are not happy with mass surveillance, the technologies that are limiting their freedom, it is happening everywhere. What we wanted to do, therefore, is to give players the chance to be someone different, and maybe to try things they never did, to think differently, in short”.

Alain Corre also spoke about it, adding: “We are not there to tell him what to think. What we want is to give him the opportunity to explore new ways of behaving and exploring, and at the end of the game they will draw their conclusions”.

Hocking continued: “People must put aside their differences and unite. They will not be the politicians, and it will not be a guy who comes down from nowhere to save us. We will have to do it. Set aside the differences and fight against things which are obviously wrong, that’s what we have to do “.

What do you think of the words of the two?

The Watch Dogs Legion release date is set for March 6th, 2020.