Fortnite: Are the New Revolver and the Skin Drift Coming for a Fee?

Fortnite Are the New Revolver and the Skin Drift Coming for a Fee

That the data miners are practically always at work to discover all the last secrets and advances of Fortnite is something known to everyone. It seems that in the last few hours, “the usual suspects” have discovered a couple of really interesting things.

First of all, a new version of the revolver seems to be coming, shown in both the Epic and Legendary versions, in a Twitter post found at the bottom of the news. The description reads: ” Fast and precise secondary weapon, with good damage but reduced capacity”.

Here are the statistics for Epic / Legendary rarities:

  • Damage: 63/66
  • Rate of fire: 1.5 per second
  • Charger size: 6
  • Charging time: 1.9 / 1.8

It also seems that, unlike the other guns, the new revolver will need medium bullets instead of light ones.

But there is another novelty that the community is discussing: it seems that a new version of the Skin Drift is coming, for a fee in the game store. This is one of the exclusive skins contained in the Battaglia Pass, which until now had never been sold in the shop, precisely as exclusive contents.

The data miners had found it in the game code, exchanging it for an update of the existing one, while instead, Epic Games has recently confirmed that it is a new skin, which will be on sale at the price of 1500 V-Bucks, which infuriated the community.

We’ll see how it turns out. It is not the only controversy that is unleashing on Fortnite these days, as the Honor Wonder Skin is on sale on the black market.