The Company That “Unveiled” Nintendo Switch Mini Received Some Secret Information

The Company That

Yesterday we told you about the alleged indirect confirmation of the existence of Nintendo Switch Mini after a Chinese company leaked accessories for the reissue of the Nintendo console it produced.

The news was quickly posted on the net, as these accessories had also been advertised at various retailers, who had, therefore, put the images online. But the situation was not clear: Nintendo has always denied the development of a new console, and in the absence of the official, the hypothesis that we were in front of a fake was more than valid.

HonSon, the Chinese company responsible for accessories, made the situation clear in the past few hours. One of the sources who reported the news was able to talk to a company representative, who revealed that he had based the products in question on some secret information and that he is awaiting officialness from Nintendo before putting in production of accessories.

The HonSon representative also confirmed that the size of Nintendo Switch Mini, as its name suggests, is smaller than the current model.

Also, in this case, the most important thing is missing: the announcement by Nintendo itself. So, as usual, take the news with the proverbial wheat sales. Having said that, do you like the idea of ​​a new version of Switch?

Meanwhile, Nintendo confirms itself as the leader of the US market with regard to consoles sold. Will the new console reinvigorate sales?