Anthem “Does Not Work”? Bioware Is Doing Everything to Fix the Problems, According to EA

Anthem Leaves the

During a long chat with colleagues, Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson acknowledged Anthem’s problems and promised that the BioWare guys are still firmly committed to improving the gaming experience of who bought their sci-fi action.

“The promise was that we could have played together, but this is not working very well,” EA CEO begins before extending the speech to the public of BioWare and how the latter looks at the work of the Canadian software house that he shaped the videogame worlds of Mass Effect and Dragon Age“We will have our audience of BioWare who has been with us for a long time. There are then 12-year-olds who were not around when BioWare started developing games, and they have different expectations of what a BioWare video game is and how it should be framed in a modern videogame context”.

“As a result of this, BioWare must evolve, must expand and must test the elasticity of that brand,” Wilson added, stating that “BioWare development teams will continue to come to work every day (to improve Anthem, ed) and listening to their old and new players, trying to keep the promises they made to those players: that’s what you are seeing with Anthem today”.

Despite all the problems encountered in the launch phase, the Anthem project still has a great untapped potential that is waiting to be rediscovered through future free updates, or at least that’s what Wilson hopes concluding the argument by stating that “the fundamental elements of the game they are compelling, an intellectual property like Anthem is born to express itself and function in a cycle that covers seven to ten years, so if I think of Anthem in these temporal terms, I feel that this team will really come with something special and exceptional because it has proved to be able to do it, even if he didn’t have the departure that many of us wanted, including our players “ .

What do you think of the statements of the CEO of Electronic Arts? Do you believe that the soldier Anthem can still be saved by BioWare?