Apex Legends: The Dragons Have Taken the Arena by Storm, Is It the Fault of the Hero Crypto?

Apex Legends 2

As you have surely noticed in the last few days, there has been an invasion of dragons on the map of Apex Legends and, this event could have deep ties with a new hero called Crypto.

According to the dataminer, Crypto could be a villain just like Caustic and, thanks to its hacker skills, it would bypass the arena protections created by Wattson’s father to let in the Flyers, the dangerous flying creatures. From the image stolen from the game files and reconstructed by an artist, we can see that Crypto is characterized by oriental features, Rasta and a sword on its back. It is not inconceivable that among his abilities there is one that allows the extraction of the blade and another able to hack electronic devices such as Wattson’s barricades.

Although all information is unofficial, the presence of a sword in the Apex Legends Season 2 logo, coming on July 2nd, could be just that of Crypto and, as a result, Wattson wouldn’t be the only new legend coming soon.

Did you know that some dataminers have found the image of a new Apex Legends map in the game files? It also appears that Respawn Entertainment has no intention of making an Apex legends 2.