Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled and Online Problems: Beenox at Work to Solve Them


Not everything seems to have gone smoothly at the launch of Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled. The title was received with enthusiasm by the international press, but players are experiencing numerous problems during online games.

In the past few hours the reports on the social media have multiplied: some complaint about disconnections, others instead claim to have seen players “teleport” or not synchronized with the mini-map. There are also those who found themselves winning a game due to the immediate disappearance of all the other competitors. To all this are added also the long loading times, especially on Nintendo Switch, which also affects the single-player component.

In short, the situation does not seem to be idyllic, but Beenox, the team that has taken care of bringing the orange marsupial course back to life, is collecting feedback from players and has already set to work to resolve the critical issues encountered. On Twitter, 10 hours ago, they promised the arrival of an “immediate fix for multiplayer”. Since then, in any case, they have not provided us with further updates.

How are you doing? Have you already launched yourself online or did you prefer to tackle the single-player campaign first?