Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled: Guide to Cheats, All Game Codes

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

As seen in the original game released on PS1, in Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled you can enter codes (cheats) to unlock different secret contents such as the Penta Penguin character and more. In this mini-guide, we list all the tricks and codes present in the CTR remake.

To enable the tricks in Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled you just need to enter a specific sequence of keys in the main menu, in order to obtain the desired effect. Below we list all the codes available for the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions of the game.

Secret characters

Penta Penguin

  • PS4: Down, Right, Triangle, Down, Left, Triangle, Up
  • Xbox One: Down, Right, Y, Down, Left, Y, Up
  • Switches: Down, Right, X, Down, Left, X, Up

Changes to the gameplay

Infinite Wumpa Fruit

  • All platforms: Down, Right, Right, Down, Down

Infinite turbo

  • PS4: Triangle, X, Right, Left, Left, Triangle, X
  • Xbox One: Y, A, Right, Left, Left, Y, A
  • Switches: X, B, Right, Left, Left, X, B

Infinite bombs

  • PS4: Triangle, Right, Down, Right, Up, Triangle, Left
  • Xbox One: Y, Right, Down, Right, Up, Y, Left
  • Switches: X, Right, Down, Right Up, X, Left

Endless masks

  • PS4: Left, Triangle, Right, Left, O, Right, Down, Down
  • Xbox One: Left, Y, Right, Left, B, Right, Down, Down
  • Switches: Left, X, Right, Left, A, Right, Down, Down

Permanent invisibility

  • All platforms: Up, Up, Down, Right, Right, Up

Super Turbo

  • PS4: Triangle, Right, Right, O, Left
  • Xbox One: Y, Right, Right, B, Left
  • Switches: X, Right, Right, A, Left

Super Engine Mode

  • PS4: Up, Up, Left, Right, Triangle, Down, Right, Down
  • Xbox One: Up, Up, Left, Right, Y, Down, Right, Down
  • Switch: Up, Up, Left, Right, X, Down, Right, Down


Races on a tour

  • PS4: Down, Up, Down, Down, Right, Up, Down, Right, Triangle, Down
  • Xbox One: Down, Up, Down, Down, Right, Up, Down, Right, Y, Down
  • Switch: Down, Up, Down, Down, Right, Up, Down, Right, X, Down

Icy circuit

  • PS4: Down, Left, Right, Down, Right, O, Triangle, Down
  • Xbox One: Down, Left, Right, Down, Right, B, Y, Down
  • Switches: Down, Left, Right, Down, Right, A, X, Down

We report that by activating the codes you will disable the trophies/objectives and all the rewards of the Grand Prix and Adventure mode.