Destiny 2: The Eververse Will Be Upset With the Arrival of Shadowkeep

Destiny 2: The Eververse Will Be Upset With the Arrival of Shadowkeep

With the release of Ombre dal Profondo, the new Destiny 2 expansion scheduled for next September, there is really a lot of news coming up for the online shooter from Bungie and, among these, we also find some profound changes to the Everversum.

Next September, in fact, milestones and other gaming activities should reward the player with a fair amount of Luminous Powder, a game currency that allows you to purchase specific items from a weekly selection at the Tess Everis shop. Precisely for this reason, the Eververse’s sizes will disappear and the destruction of objects will no longer allow you to gain Bright Dust. In this regard, Bungie has invited all Guardians to dismantle spaceships, specters, guns and other useless objects in their storage to accumulate some extra dust by September. Should you forget to do so, be aware that destroying these objects after the upgrade will only get you some lumens and some Legendary Fragments.

Another novelty concerns the collection since all the objects already unlocked can be reacquired a second time simply by spending lumens and Legendary Fragments, making it much easier to recover shaders, guns, ships, and other aesthetic objects. Even the armor of the Everversum will undergo a distortion since they will no longer be available in the form of a piece of equipment but of ornament. This means that you can apply that aspect to any legendary piece of the armor of the same type, so as to select the one with the best perks. This choice was made to prevent players from abusing microtransactions to get “god roll” armor pieces, or better upgrades.

In short, these are very interesting changes that will upset different mechanics linked to the microtransactions of the title. At this point we just have to wait until next September to touch this news, the free to play Destiny New Light version and the highly anticipated cross-save. All PC gamers will also need to switch their Destiny 2 account from to Steam.

We remind you that Destiny 2 Shadowkeep will arrive on September 17th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, as well as being one of Google Stadia’s launch titles.