Destiny 2: The Heroic Menagerie Arrives, the Current Armor Will Be Useless in Year 3

Destiny 2: The Heroic Menagerie Arrives, the Current Armor Will Be Useless in Year 3

Has Destiny 2 Wealth Season’s Menagerie already become too easy for you and your Guardian team? No problem, as you will soon be able to test yourself in the Eroica version of the Seraglio.

This particular version of the cooperative mode will not allow you to find other players through matchmaking. Speaking instead of difficulty, the enemies you face will have a Power Level ranging from 750 to 770, that of the last fight. Another peculiarity of the Heroic Seraglio consists in the impossibility of continuing to play after the death of all the Guardians since in a similar way to the old Cala la Notte you will be all brought back into orbit and you will have to start the activity from scratch. Obviously the most skilled and courageous will have access to a series of Trumps and exclusive rewards.

While waiting to discover all the new features of the Serraglio Eroico on June 25, 2019, new information was provided by the developers on the armor arriving in Year 3 with Shadows from the Deep, the new DLC. It seems that the new armor perk system makes useless or almost all the pieces of equipment of the first two years and, in fact, also the farming in the Iron Banner currently active to obtain the entire set. The news was not welcomed by the community and it is likely that Bungie can change his mind and make sure that the new system can also be applied to the old sets.

Did you know that the Destiny 2 Eververse will undergo numerous changes with the arrival of the Shadows from the Deep expansion?

You can watch the Twitch video here.