Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: Here Are the First Images of Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue Evolution


The developers of Dimps and the leaders of Bandai Namco re-immerse us in the colorful universe of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 to give us the very first game images of Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue Evolution, the new character of their iconic fighting game.

The Prince of Saiyan in SSGSS version Evolved will be the undisputed protagonist of the new expansion that Dimps plans to launch during the summer to meet the demands and needs of Vegeta fans and those who obviously do not despise further expansion of the roster of characters from Xenoverse 2.

The paid DLC dedicated to Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue Evolution will boast a specific range of attacks and abilities, with new moves designed to enrich the combat system. Among the attacks available to the new character we will find the teleportation function “Final Blow”, the speed boost “Final Flash”, the trio of new moves Final Charge, Atomic Blast and Flash Strike, the Ultimate Final Explosion ability and the New Ultimate Final Galick Rush.

While waiting to know the date of marketing and the price of the new DLC of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, we leave you in the company of the first images of the game and we remind you that the title is destined to arrive at the end of the year also on Google Stadia.