Fortnite: Is the Stranger Things Demogorgon Coming?

Fortnite: Confirmed the Stranger Things Theme Event

New clues continue to appear on the web about the arrival of an event dedicated to Stranger Things in Fortnite Royal Battle. Further confirmation is a popular dataminer, which has found some particular references to the Netflix series of lines between the code lines of the last update.

It appears that among the contents arriving with the event, which in all probability will bring a new time-limited mode into the game, there is also a skin inspired by the Demogorgone, the monstrous creature of the Sottosopra that has terrorized the spectators in the first two seasons of the series. Unfortunately, there are no further details on the event, except that the Mega Mall area could play a fundamental role, given that a shopping center will also appear in the third season of Stranger Things.

As for the beginning of the event, we can expect his arrival between the end of June and the beginning of July, since Stranger Things season 3 should make its Netflix debut in those days.