Gears 5 Will Have No Loot Boxes and Season Passes, Some DLCs Will Be Free

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With an update to the official Gears 5 website, the shooter development team has provided users with a wealth of information about post-launch microtransactions and content.

If you are among the players who fear a division of the community due to Season Pass and various paid content, know that the game will have no seasonal DLC package and all multiplayer maps will be completely free. All players will then be able to play either through matchmaking or in private lobbies with any map available at launch or coming with future updates without having to shell out a single penny. However, the additional areas of the Escape and Horde modes do not appear to be involved in this discussion.

As far as microtransactions are concerned, this time there will be no loot boxes and all the personalization contents can be purchased directly in the game store. Among the contents that can be purchased by credit card we find: skins, camouflage for weapons, banners, emotes, executions, sprays and icons to signal enemies.

We remind you that the game will arrive on the shelves of all stores starting from next 10 September 2019 exclusively on Xbox One and PC (Microsoft Store and Steam). Owners of an Xbox Game Pass subscription, both on PC and on Xbox, will be able to play at no additional cost to Gears 5 from the day of the launch.

Have you already seen the short video of Gears 5 starring Fahz, the new soldier voiced by actor Rahul Kohli? According to Microsoft’s words, Gears 5 will shoot 4K on Xbox One and support HDR.