Halo Reach: The First PC Test Is Coming Next Week?

Halo Reach

Through a post on the official blog, 343 Industries announced that the first test of Halo: Reach on the Master Chief Collection for PC, the so-called “First flight”, if everything goes according to plan, should arrive next week.

A small number of players who have registered on Halo Insiders will be involved, given that, as stated by the software house, there will be a need to start slowly, as there are still so many things to fix, and the test at the moment is needed to see if everything goes well.

“Since there are so many pieces and levers that need testing and verification and approval, we need time to make sure we ship our Halo Insiders on a quality flight,” 343 Industries writes in the post, joking about the meaning of ” First flight “. “The team has a build that seems to be a strong candidate, but it is still under development and testing as I write (and while you read)”.

The goal is, therefore, to make this test available for next week, the details of which will also be discussed with those who have not been admitted to the test, so that all fans who are eagerly awaiting the game know what is happening.

And are you ready to get your hands on the game?