Harry Potter Wizards Unite: How to Get and Increase Magic Energy

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Each time you use a spell in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite you will consume a certain amount of Magic Energy. To help you stock up on it, in this mini-guide we will explain how to get and how to increase Magic Energy in Niantic’s new mobile game.

The amount of Magic Energy consumed will depend on the nature of the spell: the more powerful the latter, the greater the amount of Magic Energy spent to cast it. At the start of the game, you will leave with a maximum supply of 75 units of Magic Energy, but you will be able to increase this limit by making in-game purchases. Meanwhile, below we explain how to get and accumulate Magic Energy in Harry Potter: United Wizards.

How to get Magic Energy in Harry Potter: United Wizards

At the moment there are three methods to obtain Magic Energy in the United Harry Potter Wizards: go to the Inns or the Greenhouses (with the possibility of obtaining 1 to 10 units of Magical Energy), complete the daily Challenges (obtaining 5+ units of Energy Magic) and buy the Magic Energy directly with the Gold Coins.

Visit Inns and Greenhouses

Similar to Pokemon GO Pokestops, the Inns of Harry Potter: United Wizards are scattered around the game map, at certain real-world locations. Entering an inn you can eat delicious magic food: every food consumed will reward you with a certain amount of Magic Energy that will vary from 1 to 6 units.

Inside a Serra, instead, you can choose between 3 potted plants to receive prizes. In this case, obtaining Magic Energy is not guaranteed, but sometimes you will receive a couple of units along with the ingredients for the potions.

Complete the daily Missions

The Daily Quests will reward themselves with at least 5 units of magical energy. To consult those currently available, just press the calendar in the lower right corner of the screen, then scroll down to see which mission will reward you with more magical energy. They are usually very simple tasks like collecting a certain type of ingredient. Once you complete a mission, all you have to do is go back to the first menu and redeem the corresponding reward.

Buy Magic Energy

As an alternative to the methods listed above, Harry Potter: Wizards players can buy Magic Energy in the in-game store, through the outlay of Gold Coins (the game currency that can be purchased for real money).

Are you ready to venture into Niantic’s new mobile game set in the famous fantasy universe created by J. K Rowling? Have you already checked if your mobile is in the Harry Potter: Wizards compatible devices?