Harry Potter Wizards Unite: The Price of Gold Coins Revealed

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

If you can’t wait to get your hands on the new Harry Potter Wizards Unite, you can start preparing yourself by taking a quick look at the cost of the microtransactions, through which you can get various amounts of Gold Coins.

Here is the complete list of packages that can be purchased through the game store:

  • $ 0.99 to receive 80 Gold Coins
  • $ 4.99 to receive 425 Gold Coins
  • $ 9.99 to receive 900 Gold Coins
  • $ 19.99 to receive 2,100 Gold Coins
  • $ 49.99 to receive 5,400 Gold Coins
  • $ 99.99 to receive 12,000 Gold Coins

At the moment we still don’t know how generous the game is towards players and what amounts of coins can be accumulated simply by playing. In any case, it seems that as usual in this kind of titles, the most convenient package is also the most expensive, since it contains more than some extra Gold Coin.

We remind you that the game is currently available on iOS and Android exclusively in some areas. Please read our guide on how to pre-register for Harry Potter Wizards Unite, so Google Play Store and App Store can notify you when the game is available.

Here are the gold per US dollar rates. from harrypotterwu