HBO Advertises Its Streaming Service … With a Wii U Controller


The world of graphic design and marketing campaigns entrusted, at best, to semi-professionals, never ceases to amaze, and in this sense also makes the choice of HBO to advertise its streaming service with a controller for Wii U.

The popular US network is in fact also available in streaming, and it is possible to watch it also using the consoles. Those of the current generation, though. Evidently, the graphic designer who dealt with the advertising campaign was not aware of it, or more likely, he searched on Google for the first image of a recognizable controller he could find.

Too recognizable though, given that anyone has a minimum of familiarity with the world of video games, he knows that it is a pro controller for Wii U, a console that is not only any longer on the market, but which is obviously not compatible with the HBO streaming service.

Currently, the HBO app is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, so to avoid any legal problems (if there were any, in the end, you’re still advertising a service offered by two consoles), it would have been enough to simply remove the logo from the two console controllers. But then what do we know about it? We’re not HBO’s graphs.