How Long Will the Main Borderlands 3 Campaign Last? Gearbox Explains It

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Gearbox Software’s Creative Director, Paul Sage, takes advantage of an interview given to GamesBeat to feed the hopes of fans of the Borderlands series by trying to quantify the number of hours needed to complete the main Borderlands 3 campaign.

“I would say that we are rather ambitious. In fact, my technical team would say that sometimes we are really very ambitious”, remarked Sage with a smile before discussing the longevity and the number of contents present within the title and affirming that “there is so “So much in the game. We all have these different worlds. If you go through the main story, that is, without engaging in secondary missions, it should take at least 35 hours of play before completing the campaign.

There are really a few months to go before Borderlands 3 and the pressure for the release of the 2K Games and Gearbox looter shooter begins to be felt, as Creative Director himself suggests, talking about the current optimization and finishing of the code to emphasize.

“There are so many little things that we are introducing but that will strengthen the game and make it even bigger. All these things, however small they may seem, take a lot of time and energy to be properly implemented. Sometimes you hear someone he says ‘we have to send the game’, but we know that there is a calendar and we have to respect it. We have everything we needed, now we end up doing it.

The launch of Borderlands 3 is set for September 13 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.