Nitebeam Is the New Skin in the Fortnite Store Update

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New day, new Fortnite store update. As usual in fact, the Epic Games Battle Royale studies new ways to make us spend our hard-earned V-Bucks, and even today comes the usual amount of skins, objects, and various novelties ready to tempt us.

The key word of today is “fluorescent”, and in fact, the two new outfits of today have extremely bright colors: Flare and Nitebeam are of epic rarity, and you bring them home with “only” 1500 V-Bucks each. Also available for sale are the Megabat, a particular bat-shaped glider, and the two Splintered Light and Vivid Ax picks. The Essence and Core cover complete the picture.

As for the Daily Sales instead, we find the Bendie and Cole skins, the Magic Wings glider that gives you wings, despite not being a well-known energy drink, the Specter pick and the Dream Feet and True Heart emotes.

As always we remind you that you will find the new items in the shop starting at 13 and that they will not give any advantage in battle, but only aesthetic changes to your character.

Meanwhile, if you are struggling with challenges, here is the guide to overcome the challenges of Week 7. Also, did you know that the Stranger Things Demogorgone in Fortnite seems to be coming?