Steam Has Finally Added the LGBTQ + Label to the Games in the Catalog

Steam Has Finally Added the LGBTQ + Label to the Games in the Catalog

From Steam news comes that in Pride Month can only please: finally the LGBTQ + label has been added to the catalog games of the famous Valve platform. This is another way to find “friendly” video games to that community.

The Steam labels are in fact one of the ways in which it is possible to find the videogame you are looking for, or through which Steam itself suggests to the user which games may be of interest to him, based on the labels applied to the titles that this user owns in its own library.

The fact that there was no tag for the LGBTQ + community had actually been the subject of discussion for some time, and the issue was raised, among others, by an independent developer named Yitz, author of the Nepenthe RPG and a “visual poem”, To The Dark Tower, coming soon, that would have liked to use this label on this last title.

“We were trying to interpret some strange passages of the writing on which my game is based, and we understood that by interpreting the entire volume as a homosexual of the medieval era who tries to understand if his love deserves a potential sacrifice, some contradictions are found by the experts could have been easily solved. This would have been a simple curiosity if we had not thoroughly investigated and discovered that the author, Robert Browning, was almost certainly secretly bisexual, and at the time of writing he faced virtually the same problems of the storyteller “.

The developer contacted Steam to propose the issue, and after several discussions, the decision finally came. Better late than never, right?

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