Capcom Will Not Stop Creating New IPs, Despite the Focus on Historical Franchises

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The Capcom titles of recent times have been extremely successful. Monster Hunter World, which is preparing to receive the Iceborne expansion, has become the most successful game in the history of the Japanese company. Resident Evil 2 Remake has reached 4 million units, while Devil May Cry 5 has exceeded 2 million.

No wonder, then, that Capcom is focusing on its top franchises, creating additional chapters or remakes of them. Fans, in any case, are hungry for new IPs: the last one inaugurated by the Japanese company, Dragon’s Dogma, dates back to 2012. Deep Down, announced in 2013, has never seen the light. An embarrassing situation compared to the prolific 2000s, which saw the birth of Devil May Cry, Onimusha, Monster Hunter, Dead Rising, and Lost Planet … not cheap!

In a recent interview, however, the corporate officer Ryozo Tsujimoto reassured the fans by explaining that ” Capcom will never stop creating new characters and series. It is working very well [the strategy of reviving the historical franchises, ed], but in the future, we will not stop making original games”. Fujioka Kaname, director of the Iceborne expansion of Monster Hunter World, added: “Even in this period, I’m sure we can continue to create new experiences, games, and characters that can connect with players, not just in Japan, but all over the world”.

At this point, we can’t wait to find out what the Japanese company has in store for us. Meanwhile, the most nostalgic players continue to clamor for Resident Evil 3 Remake and the return of Dino Crisis