Cuphead the Delicious Last Course: Involved in the Historic Disney Animator Project!

Cuphead the Delicious

During June 2018, Microsoft and MDHR announced their intention to create a DLC for Cuphead, presenting the first trailer of The Delicious Last Course to the public.

The expansion will enrich the acclaimed production inspired by the animation world of the 1930s with a large number of additional contents. Among these, the introduction of Ms. Chalice, a new playable character, a new island, new weapons and, of course inevitable, new bosses! The latest updates on the project inform us of the start of an exceptional collaboration: in fact, alongside the MDHR team, we will also find Tom Bancroft. With one spent in Disney for about eleven years, the animator has contributed to the creation of some of his most famous animation classics. Among these we can, for example, include The Lion King, Aladdin, and Mulan. Bancroft himself announced the participation in the production of the Cuphead DLC, through the Twitter publication of the twitter that you can see directly at the bottom of this news.

The Delicious Last Course is currently lacking a precise publication date, but the project should debut on the videogame market in 2019. Pending more information, we inform you that the software house already seems to be thinking about what will be the next MDHR game.