Fable 4 Is in Microsoft’s Plans? Phil Spencer Comments, but He Is Not off Balance

No E3 for Fable 4, Microsoft Calls for Patience: Will It Be Announced in the Coming Months?

Fable 4 was certainly one of the most rumored games during the E3 2019 approach. At the Microsoft conference, however, no announcement was received regarding IP news.

The rumors, however, do not seem to stop, with part of the videloudica community that hopes that the mysterious Playground RPG, a team known for its work on the Forza Horizon brand, may prove to be a new episode of the saga. For now, however, the House of Redmond has not offered confirmations to this effect and has invited fans to be patient. Phil Spencer also spoke on the subject during an interview with Kotaku.

At the request of the existence of any communications related to Fable, the face of gaming at Microsoft, we did not want to expose too much. In response, he, therefore, declared:“[Laughter] I love the fact that Fable came [on Xbox One through backward compatibility.] I want to be sure that when we talk about future projects, whether its Fable or not, the team feels very solid about what’s going on. realizing”. A concept further deepened later, with Spencer who highlighted the importance of communicating to the public the existence of a project with the right timing. After specifying ” I’m not making a specific comment about Fable; it’s about everything in the portfolio”, Spencer indeed emphasized the importance of releasing information when there is a clear vision of what one is trying to achieve, with what qualitative objectives and a rough idea of ​​when it could be published.

For now, therefore, no confirmation regarding the presence of a Fable 4 in Microsoft’s plans. Waiting for any updates, what do you think? Would you like to see the IP operational again?