Fallout 76: The June 25 Patch Will Improve Nuclear Winter, the New Battle Royale

Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter: Bethesda Announces That the Mode Will Remain Active!

The battle royale Nuclear Winter mode introduced in Fallout 76 during E3 2019 proved to be a success, to the point of enticing Bethesda to keep it within the game. In light of this, the Maryland company immediately set to work to perfect it, and the first improvements will arrive on June 25 with the 10.5 patches.

To begin with, Nuclear Winter will move from a “pre-Beta” phase to a “Beta” one. Thanks to the upgrade, players will be able to set up their sub-armor as a favorite and equip them in the challenges of Nuclear Winter. Furthermore, daily missions will be reactivated, some stability improvements implemented and many problems related to the interface and game mechanics solved.

Some interventions will also be reserved for Adventure and Survival modes. In particular, a problem that prevented the correct functioning of the Boom-Fu talent will be solved, while the pioneer scouts will be able to return to help clean up the toxic waste in the daily Operation Clean. As if this were not enough, Bethesda has already set to work on the update following 10.5, which will arrive on a date not yet specified and will include a large number of bug fixes for all modes, improvements for atomic armor and much more. In the past few days, he has also let us know that we are still planning support for mods for Fallout 76.