Hidetaka Miyazaki Considers Elden Ring the Direct Evolution of Dark Souls

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After having strung together a series of successes with the Dark Souls, Bloodborne series and the more recent Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, From Software is now focusing on the development of Elden Ring, the new ambitious open world project of the Japanese software house realized in collaboration with George RR Martin.

During a recent interview, the director Hidetaka Miyazaki returned to discuss the concept on which this new project will be based. Several elements that will characterize the game are directly inherited from the company’s past, but the fact of having set Elden Ring in an open world context will make it possible to introduce a whole series of novelties. A mix between past and innovation that will finally give life to the natural evolution of Dark Souls, as stated by the Japanese author himself.

“With a wider world, new systems and action mechanics have proved necessary. In this sense, I think Elden Ring is the most natural evolution of Dark Souls”.

Speaking of the game ‘s world design, Miyazaki declares that we will no longer find ourselves in the midst of strictly interconnected settings as in his previous titles. The open world imbued with the Celtic culture of Elden Ring will give wider scope not only to exploration but also to combat (we can even fight directly on horseback):

“While the tight and complex dungeons of our previous games were interconnected, the environments of Elden Ring will be much larger. The larger world will form the basis of the gameplay, and its mechanics have been conceived with this setting in mind. 

Elden Ring is expected on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.