Joker Coming in Mortal Kombat 11? Some Curious Tweets From the Netherrealm Team!

Joker Coming in Mortal Kombat 11

At the beginning of June, the NetherRealm team officially introduced the first DLC fighters of Mortal Kombat 11, confirming the possibility for players to take on the role of Shang Tsung, Nightwolf, Sindel and Spawn.

The latter, however, may not be the only character from the comic book world to make his debut in Mortal Kombat 11 as a DLC. Some recent tweets published on Twitter by Ed Boon, a well-known author of the picchiaduro series, and Tyler Lansdown, community manager at the software house, have in fact captured the attention of gamers, who immediately unleashed their imagination.

As you can see below, Ed Boon shared a cryptic twittering, in which we can read: “Some people call me the Cowboy …”. Some users have traced the latter to the song “The Joker” by Steven Miller Band. In the text of the latter, we find the verse “some people call me the space cowboy”. The community’s suspicions were followed by comments to the Tweet published by Derek Kirtzic, NehterRealm, and, even more, by Tyler Lansdown. The community manager has in fact commented on everything with a play on words, writing “What a joker”.

That the NetherRealm team is actually suggesting anything? To know it we just have to wait! Meanwhile, players can enjoy the new Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat League.