Nintendo Switch Mini: References Have Been Sighted on the Game Spain Portal!

nintendo switch mini

Rumors and rumors continue to chase each other that the House of Kyoto would like to develop and distribute a “Mini” version of Nintendo Switch.

It has been a long time since we discussed such an eventuality, but a mysterious sighting of accessories for Nintendo Switch Mini has recently taken place inside the catalogs of the Chinese company HonSong Gaming. Now, new reports involve GAME Spain. The retailer would, in fact, have included some references to the alleged console in their own price lists. The latter, however, would later be removed: as reported by GoNintendo, the products in question would have been the following:

  • Switch Mini Transparent TPU Case GAMEware;
  • Switch Mini Protector Film GAMEware;
  • GAMEware Mini Pack Switch;
  • Switch Mini Cristal Templado GAMEware;
  • Switch Mini Bolsa de Transporte GAMEware;

The latter would not have offered descriptions, images or information on prices. The presence of this sort of “placeholder” has, however, intrigued the videogame community, contributing to the spread of new rumors about the existence of the alleged console. 

As usual, when it comes to rumors or alleged leaks, we invite you to remember that these are not official information. In particular, we point out that Nintendo has not offered any confirmation regarding the existence of a “Nintendo Switch Mini”. While waiting for any communications from the Kyoto House, you can take a look at the games coming out on Nintendo Switch over the coming months.