Persona 5 the Royal Will Include New Battle Music

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After giving us a taste of Persona 5 The Royal’s combat system, the guys at Atlus let us know that the re-edition of the J-RPG will also include a new battle song.

It will be called “Take Over”, and will be performed in all battles triggered by an ambush. The original song, “Last Surprise”, will instead continue to be present in the background during normal battles. You can listen to the new preview track in the short gameplay video attached at the bottom of this news, in which the new animation for the Baton Pass mechanics is also visible, which adds a flaming effect that changes color and intensity to each consecutive relay.

Take Over will only be one of the 20 new songs that will be proposed by Persona 5 The Royal. The game, let’s remember, will be launched exclusively on PlayStation 4 during 2020. The developers have confirmed that, due to the profound changes that will be applied to the gaming experience, The Royal will not be compatible with the rescues of the original.