PS5 Graphics Will Make PS VR “Less Limiting”, According to From Software

Sony and the Nextgen: Backward Compatibility Will Be the Key to PS5's Success

To coincide with E3 2019, the producer of From Software Masanori Takeuchi has retraced the troubled development period for PS VR of Deracine on PS4 to broaden the discussion and open a window on the opportunities offered by the next-gen graphics on PS5 for those who want to create video games in virtual reality.

Based on the report offered by Takeuchi to Destructoid’s colleagues, the development of Deracine on PS4 was difficult because “when we decided to make it we discovered that the hardware was actually a little more limiting than we originally expected, and so we couldn’t develop and describe the things we wanted to do with the hardware and knowledge on PS VR we had at the time “ .

In confirming the desire of the authors of Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro and Elden Ring not to want to develop new video games in virtual reality for the current generation of consoles, Takeuchi explains that “maybe we will wait a bit and see what happens with the PS5 and the new generation hardware, so we will understand what performance we can aspire to and how we can render on that system, then we will make a decision. We have some ideas (for possible VR games, ed) but we have to wait and see how the hardware will evolve”.

Recently, the same producer of From Software said he was open to further Remasters after those related to the Dark Souls series. Regarding Sony’s ambitions for virtual reality on PS5, however, Mark Cerny has already reassured future buyers of the new Black Monolith confirming the full compatibility of PS4 PS VR with PS5. Also from Sony comes the confirmation that PS VR 2 will arrive during the first years of the life cycle of PS5 and that it will not be sold in a standalone version.