Sega Prepares for Sonic’s 30th Anniversary: ​​2021 Will Be a Great Year for the Series

Sega Prepares for Sonic's 30th Anniversary: ​​2021 Will Be a Great Year for the Series

Despite its ups and downs, the Sonic series remains one of SEGA’s most important flags. 2017 was a particularly important year for the franchise, considering the publications of Sonic Forces, warmly welcomed, and Sonic Mania, which instead was praised without distinction by critics and the public.

During a recent Game Informer interview, Takashi Izuka, leader of Team Sonic, said that the next big year for SEGA’s blue hedgehog will be 2021:

“2017 was an important year for Sonic”, his words. ” The next big year will be in 2021. It will be the thirtieth anniversary of Sonic. We are preparing”.

Something big boils in the pot, then, and who knows that in the coming months the Japanese publisher will not already give us a small taste of the projects that will go to celebrate such an important event for the series.

While waiting to discover the future of the series, you can in the meantime continue to have fun with Team Sonic Racing, released last May on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Despite not receiving excellent ratings, the racing game managed to win critical acclaim as well as having reached the top spot in the UK software ranking in its launch week.