Spencer: Microsoft Can Now Afford Not to Show All the Xbox Games in Development

Spencer: Microsoft Can Now Afford Not to Show All the Xbox Games in Development

The conference of Microsoft E3 2019 was close and full of news. The Xbox team, among other things, unveiled new details on Halo Infinite and Gears 5, presented Ninja Theory’s new first-party project (Bleeding Edge), announced the acquisition of Double Fine and provided a taste of the Xbox console next-gen, Project Scarlett.

Despite this, many have felt the lack of a truly sensational announcement. For the first time in a long time, no new Force has been presented, of the Playground Games RPG project, which many identify as a new Fable, nothing was known and the recently acquired first-party studies, in particular, The Initiative, they were mostly silent.

Why? The reason, as stated by Phil Spencer in a recent interview granted to Stephen Totilo of Kotaku, is simple. Now Microsoft has so much stuff at stake that it can afford it“One of the things I loved most about the E3 2019 Xbox conference is what we didn’t show, “ he said. “I think of the 14 first-party titles present, of which 12 are coming within the next year. Now we can really focus on the products coming soon, which is fantastic. I am thinking of the studios: where is The Initiative? Where is Turn 10 “Where is the second Playground team? It’s great that we now have the option of not showing everything every time – it hasn’t always been like this with our first-party line-up. 

The boss of Xbox has then made a leap of the past, remembering the mistakes made by the company in recent years, which have also led to the cancellation of products such as Scalebound and Fable Legends: “There was a time when the number of games and the studies we had was putting a lot of pressure on us. It is really difficult to manage a portfolio if you are forced to respect the release dates of all the games announced three years in advance and at the same time guarantee a high level of quality “Our current strategy and that of the last two years has instead allowed us to invest in first parties, add 8 new studies and create the basis to focus on quality .”

The portrait painted by Phil Spencer is that of a Microsoft sure of its potential, with different axes up its sleeve that will be revealed only in due time. The focus is now on quality: the teams will be given all the time necessary to develop their games, as demonstrated by the long development period of Halo Infinite, which will be ready for the launch of Project Scarlett, and the most time available of the guys from Turn 10, who are calmly working on the next Motorsport.