The Fortnite Developers Go on Vacation, but the Updates Will Continue

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Few titles can boast as assiduous support as that reserved by Epic Games at Fortnite. For over a year and a half, the title has been updated every week, continually welcoming new content and methods. In addition to the usual updates, hotfixes are added every time there is a need.

The heads of the software house have therefore well thought of granting its employees a well-deserved rest period. It was announced by Epic Games in a recent post on the official website: the company’s offices will be closed for a full 2 ​​weeks, from 24 June to 8 July. During this period no Competitive Prize Tournament will take place (for the next one we will have to wait until July 13th).

Don’t worry, though. Fortnite will continue to update! The developers have already prepared two content updates that will be published during their absence. All the details will be supplied as usual through the notes of the patches, but probably, judging by the leaks of the past days, among the main novelties will be the new Heavy Rifle with Drum.