The Last of Us 2: Multiplayer and Online Factions Confirmed by Naughty Dog?

Ian Alexander:

Anthony Newman, co-director of Naughty Dog, denies rumors related to the absence of multiplayer in The Last of Us 2 and intervenes on the pages of GameSpot to report that yes, the multiplayer mode of the war between factions is destined to make its return in the next blockbuster PS4.

“The Factions will make their return,” began Newman before giving the floor to the second co-director of Naughty Dog, Kurt Margenau, to clarify the matter definitively and to explain that “the multiplayer will be present in The Last of Us Part 2. We cannot yet enter into the details of the form that the Faction mode will take, but I can confirm that it will be present in the game”.

For the record, we inform you that the GameSpot article that contains these statements anticipating the contents of the interview which, presumably, will be published over the next few days has remained online only for a few minutes , a time long enough to feed the bass drum media on the strength of the always attentive community of forums like Reddit and ResetEra.

In the hope that the original article of GameSpot returns online as soon as possible to confirm these declarations definitively, we remind you that the release date of The Last of Us 2 exclusively on PlayStation 4 has not yet been announced, even if that jovial Neil Druckmann invites us not to invoke it too insistently not to postpone it for five minutes at each request .