The New Apex Legends Patch for PC Improves Communication With Servers

Apex Legends Fortnite

Respawn Entertainment has announced that it has released a new patch for the PC version of Apex Legends aimed at improving data center management and client/server communication.

To begin with, changes have been applied to the list of data centers, aimed at making it clearer and more readable. This list, for the uninitiated, appears after waiting a few minutes on the game’s initial screen and allows you to consult the available data centers and related ping values. From now on, the available ones will be sorted by ping, and the selected data center will be highlighted in orange. In addition to that, the team claimed to have increased the frequency with which the game client sends player input to the servers, intervention that should guarantee a better gaming experience. The causes of the Leaf error, on the other hand, have not yet been identified, therefore new diagnostic tools have been introduced that are useful to trace it and solve it.

The patch in question will be published on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at a later date. The team intends to verify its effectiveness on the PC before making it available also to the console user.