Armored Core: From Software Comments on the Possible Future of the Saga

Armored Core: From Software

It is now since 2016 that the possible realization of a new game of Armored Core has been discussed. The topic was recently expressed by Masanori Takeuchi, a producer at From Software.

During an interview granted to Destructoid, the latter underlined the different production approach that the team adopts for its games related to the microgenre “Souls” and those, like Armored Core, linked instead to an imaginary that finds its roots in Japanese anime. In the first case, Takeuchi emphasizes, the team generally offers its own reinterpretation of medieval European fantasy, distancing itself from it: “It is a different approach from that with which we approached the games of mecha. These are strongly inspired by the Japanese anime of robots– we used them as a source of inspiration – but if we were to do something modern, something new, we would need to consider how to make it interesting for Europeans and Americans”.

The fusion of the two styles does not seem to be a solution taken into consideration by From Software. Takeuchi has stated that both genders have their own solid roots. However, he adds: ” […] we collect feedback and reactions to our dark fantasy titles and wonder how we could then apply them to a modern mecha game […]”.

We take this opportunity to remind you that the last game in the series dates back to about six years ago, with the publication of Armored Core Verdict Day: would you like to see the IP reborn? Recently, From Software also discussed the future of Metal Wolf Chaos.