Dreams on PS4: User Recreates the Mythical Flying House of the Movie up


After competing with Keanu Reeves on a Cyberpunk 2077-themed Dreams level, the Media Molecule sandbox community for PS4 uses the PS4 game editor currently in Early Access to recreate Up’s iconic Flying House, the masterpiece of Pixar animation of 2009.

The author of this evocative film-themed transposition is Zieeett, one of the most active users of the digital Sogniverso of the latest project by the English developers who shaped the LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway series.

The Dreams enthusiast wanted to pay homage to Pixar’s cult film by creating a 3D model of the Flying House, the home that the Carl decided to “unhook” from his neighborhood by making them take flight with the help of an infinite number of balloons to prevent it from being demolished by the city authorities.

Despite being still a “Work in Progress”, the version of the house by Up recreated by Zieeett turns out to be incredibly similar to that of the film and, what matters most for the purpose of gameplay, can be explored freely. Of course, Kevin is missing the snipe and that ball of wagging hair that responds (pointing) to the name of Dug, but the example offered to us by the author of Dreams still represents the perfect testimony to the potential of this video game.

The Early Access phase of Dreams on PS4, according to Media Molecule, should be completed soon to add new tools to search for levels created by the community and support for PS VR.