Final Fantasy 7 Remake: What Did Nomura Really Say About Tifa’s New Design?


The statements on the change in Tifa’s look in FF7 Remake reported by Tetsuya Nomura in the interview to Weekly Famitsu aroused the reaction of the community, going through forums and industry sites to question themselves about the “new forms” imposed by the Square Enix ethics committee. But what did Nomura really say?

The western site that reported the news first (or in any case the one that gave it the most visibility ) was Kotaku: according to reports from the editorial office of the US site, Nomura would have explained that “first of all, because we wanted Tifa to have a body well defined and with the abdominals, we have made it more athletic. And then, we also had directives from our internal ethics committee through which we were asked to make Tifa less prosperous to prevent the game action from being unnatural”.

“And so for her simple garments of the upper body, in the new Tifa design we decided to have her wear a tight tank top and a black cape to give her a sporty look of a trained and fitness-conscious person, concluded Nomura before turning to gameplay news and changes to the graphics sector.

In addition to the reference to the ethics committee, the triggering cause of the community controversy, apparently, should be represented by the erroneous translation from Japanese to English of the final part of Nomura’s statements, originally referred to as “single heads of the upper body “(with a more or less explicit allusion to the bra) instead of” simple clothing of the upper part of the body “in which a generic reference is made to a sporty look. With this in mind, we remind you that the legendary Square Enix JRPG is expected to launch on 3 March 2020 on PS4.