Fortnite: The Biz Costume and the Jurassic Skins Enter the Shop

Fortnite The Biz Costume and the Jurassic Skins Enter the Shop

Although the guys at Epic Games have gone on vacation, the explorers of the island of Fortnite Battaglia Reale will continue to receive their indispensable weekly updates and daily updates of the Shop, as we can easily guess by having a look at the items added on Sunday 23 June.

The new round of discounts at the Fortnite digital bazaar sees the Biz costume and its Bizzy cover as protagonists: to these are added the Dusty Rider hang glider and the Rex and Tricera Ops Jurassic skins, in addition to the splendid Pterodactyl hang glider which, curiously, does not can only remind us of the Dragons of Apex Legends.

  • Rex – costume and decorative back – 2.000 VB
  • Tricera Ops – costume and decorative back – 2.000 VB
  • Pterodactyl – hang glider – 1,200 VB
  • Bitemark – pickaxe – 1,200 VB
  • Biz – costume – 1,200 VB
  • Bizzy – cover – 300 VB
  • Rusty Rider – hang glider – 1,200 VB
  • Drum Major – emote – 500 VB
  • Switchstep – emote – 500 VB
  • Infiltrator – costume – 1,200 VB
  • Harpoon Ax – pickaxe – 800 VB
  • Garrison – costume – 800 VB

The Fortnite Shop has recently been at the center of the analyses carried out by SuperData, from which emerges a 38% drop in Fortnite revenues generated by Epic through microtransactions compared to the same period last year, thus causing yet another wave of messages on social and on the main sector forums that hypothesize the Fortnite crisis.