GTA 5 in 4K with Ray Tracing: PC and Xbox One X Compared in Pictures and Videos


The inevitable weekly update of the youtube DubStepZz gives us a comparative video between its hyper-realistic version of GTA 5 in 4K with Ray Tracing and the graphically more advanced version of the blockbuster free roaming of Rockstar Games currently available on consoles, namely the Xbox One X.

From the video you can see at the beginning of the article we have extrapolated several comparative images that we leave you at the bottom of the news, through which you can guess the efforts made by the modders to redesign Los Santos in view of the next-gen.

Thanks to the computational power guaranteed by a sensational PC configuration driven by two Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti in SLI and a latest-generation CPU, the modder manages to reach 8K resolution (even if the video does not exceed 4K due to the current YouTube limitations ) and easily manage the exorbitant ReShade tools (already seen in projects like Minecraft in Ray Tracing ) that introduce a non-native and, in some ways, “simulated” version of dynamic lighting managed by Ray Tracing technology .

As for the comparison with Xbox One X (and even more with that of GTA 5 between PC and Xbox 360 ), any consideration or deepening of an exquisitely graphic nature is less in function of the last-gen nature of the project and, therefore, of the impossibility of to obtain a visual rendering capable of fully exploiting the potential of the Microsoft console. If nothing else, it’s worth comparing the two versions out of curiosity and, of course, to guess the direction that Rockstar could take in the development of GTA 6 on PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.