Is Diablo 4 Already in an Advanced Stage of Development? New Rumors on the Release Date


While everything is silent on the mobile front and the timing of launching Diablo Immortal on iOS and Android is still unknown, new rumors emerge from France regarding Diablo 4, the next chapter in Blizzard’s action RPG saga.

To feed the new rumors are the journalists of Le Monde: the online editorial of the Parisian newspaper reports in fact that the Blizzard Entertainment leaders would have shown a playable demo of Diablo 4 to the development team of the company’s French subsidiary.

Also based on the reconstruction of the events supplied to us by Le Monde, the recent wave of layoffs involving more than 200 Blizzard employees and the closure of the StarCraft FPS project would have pushed the California software house to a reorganization of personnel to speed up the development of Diablo 4 and the new chapter of Overwatch .

As for the release date, the transalpine journalists say they are certain that Blizzard intends to launch Diablo 4 in 2020, even if the recent corporate vicissitudes could push the Irvine company and Activision’s upper echelons to a further shift in marketing timing on PC, PS4, Xbox One and, presumably, Nintendo Switch. In any case, we will certainly know something more about Diablo 4 and the equally talked-about Overwatch 2 during the BlizzCon 2019 which will be held in Anaheim at the beginning of next November.