Is Fortnite in Crisis? Revenue Dropped 38% Compared to Last Year


SuperData analysts have compiled the usual monthly ranking dedicated to video games on PCs, consoles and mobile systems that are more solid from an economic point of view. In the May 2019 analysis, there is a significant drop in Epic Games’ revenue with Fortnite: the decline compared to last year is 38%.

The $208 million earned in May 2019 from Epic Games with the microtransactions of the Fortnite Battaglia Real Shop, in fact, allow the title to hold the top position only as far as the ranking of console video games is concerned. If on PC the Epic battle royale must be satisfied with the fifth position, in fact, on mobile systems Fortnite is not even able to carve out space in the Top 10 ranking.

As the Nielsen group analysts stress, however, what should most concern the US development company is the sharp 38% drop compared to the revenue generated in May last year, a figure that could represent an important indication of saturation of the market. Those who play assiduously at Fortnite Battaglia Reale, in fact, could look at the Shop’s daily promotions with relative disinterest and not be more attracted to spend their wallet in V-Buck, precisely according to the fact that they already have skins and aesthetic objects more suited to your style.

The road taken by those who hope to decree the end of Fortnite as soon as possible, however, still very long: Epic’s free shooter continues to be a worldwide phenomenon capable of influencing the lives and behavior of millions of enthusiasts, especially of the most generations young people (triggering, in the most extreme cases, a real addiction to Fortnite).