Mass Effect 2 Finally Playable in First Person Thanks to a Mod on PC

Mass Effect 2 Finally Playable in First Person Thanks to a Mod on PC

Once the surprise for the objective similarity of the first image of a Black Hole with Mass Effect 2 was overcome, the volcanic scene of the BioWare ruins colossal modder is activated to develop a free tool that allows you to explore the game with a first-person view.

The amateur programmers who have ventured into this venture have already made available to download their mods on the famous NexusMods portal pages. The author of the project, LordEmil1, reports that the development of this mod was particularly difficult due to the complex use of the cameras with which the BioWare designers managed the dialogue sessions and the transition between them and the phases of the real game.

It is not surprising, therefore, if for the moment the mod allows you to activate the subjective view only and exclusively in gameplay sessions far from the fighting, such as those aboard the Normandy or when moving between the Citadel quarters. LordEmil1, however, expects to spend itself to work on a solution that allows the camera to be unlocked in the first person even in the shooter of the main campaign starring the never forgotten commander Shepard.

While LordEmil1 will dedicate itself to updating its mod, the heads of Electronic Arts promise to closely follow the evolution of the post-launch development phase of the latest controversial BioWare project, the Anthem PC action sci-fi project, PS4 and Xbox One. Anyway, at the top of the news, you will find an explanatory video that illustrates the potential of the new Mass Effect 2 mod that adds the first-person view.