Metal Gear Solid in 4k and 60fps with HD Textures Made from a Neural IA

Metal Gear Solid in 4k and 60fps with HD Textures Made from a Neural IA

The new programs and graphics editing software based on a Neural IA promise to give new life to the video games that have written the history of digital entertainment. Yesterday was the turn of Metal Gear Solid and of a mod that distorts the graphics sector allowing it to reach 4K and 60fps.

As happened recently with Fallout New Vegas and the original Resident Evil 2 , the procedure used by the modder known on Reddit as Tophergopher1 is quite simple and involves the adoption of software in Deep Learning ESRGAN to use its neural network and perform upscaling “clever” of all the textures that map the surfaces and the polygonal patterns of the characters in the Twin Snakes version of Metal Gear Solid .

The final result of the work carried out quite easily by the redditor is simply incredible, managing to donate to the original title of the settings with high definition textures without negatively affecting the performance, provided of course to use a performance emulator like Dolphin and a configuration respectable hardware.

The YouTuber who made the explanatory film that stands out at the beginning of the article, for example, managed to reach the 4K resolution and a framerate anchored on the 60fps through his gaming PC equipped with a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti GPU, an i7-6700K CPU and 16GB of RAM memory. Let us know what you think of this mod realized through IA Neural and if you think it appropriate that the great classics of the past should be “modernized” with the help of these neural networks.