Samurai Shodown: Wu Ruixiang, Kyoshiro, Hanzo and Others Show up in Trailers!

Samurai Shodown

The roster of fighters that respond to the call of the new Samurai Shodown continues to expand. Over the last few days, the development team has indeed presented several new characters.

Presented each with a dedicated video, the latter are quite numerous. Among these we can indeed find:

  • Jubei: presented as a “man of honor”, armed with two blades, he does not hesitate to show off his speed and precision in the art of combat;
  • Earthquake: a fighter with a powerful tonnage, it represents a significant threat to his opponents, who risk giving way to his heavy attacks;
  • Hanzo: a fighter who marries the Ninja style, he is able to surprise the enemy with unexpected moves and attacks;
  • Kyoshiro: fluid and agile in movements, his fighting style seems to remember almost a dance;
  • Wu Ruixiang: even the fighter, armed with her own shield, is ready to debut on the roster;

All five characters were presented by the development team in detail, thanks to the publication of several new Samurai Shodown trailers. You can find them directly in the opening and at the bottom of this news: have a good vision! The roster of the fighting, after the publication of the trailer for Yashamaru and the trailer for Genjuro, expands therefore further: do you already have your own favorite wrestler or fighter?