Starcraft Remastered: The New Mod Turns It into a Cartoon!


Through the pages of their official YouTube profile, the authors of the CarBot Animations collective informs us that they have been invited to South Korea to attend a convention on StarCraft Remastered to collaborate with the Blizzard authors to create a mod that turns it into a cartoon.

The celebrities YouTube specialized in the production of animated shorts inspired by the digital universes of Blizzard Entertainment titles like Diablo and Heroes of the Storm will bring the fun characters of their favorite cartoons in the strategic dimension of StarCraft Remastered through a mod that will upset the appearance of the game.

As we can guess by admiring the explanatory video that stands out at the beginning of the article, the CarBot Animations reskin modifies the graphics section, the animations of the screen units and all the elements of the interface, thus giving a completely new look to Blizzard’s RTS masterpiece.

The “in sauce cartoon” reskin of StarCraft Remastered can be downloaded (presumably entirely free of charge from those who already own the game) starting from 10 July. At the bottom of the news, you will find the funny game movie made by the guys at CarBot Animations to offer us a taste of this mod.